If a company is interested in raising funds on the Kazakhstan organized stock market, it needs to go through the listing procedure on KASE.

Listing is the procedure for including the company's securities in the official list of KASE. The listing of securities is considered completed from the date of inclusion of these securities in the official list of KASE.

In case of successful completion of the listing procedure, the company receives the status of a KASE Listing Company.

After passing the listing procedure, the company gets the opportunity to conduct not only private, but also public placements of securities in Kazakhstan, which provide an influx of long-term capital to finance the growth and development of the company. Thus, listing on KASE provides the company with permanent access to the capital market.

The initiator of admission can be the company itself or a member of KASE. The initiator of admission is a payer of listing fees and fulfills obligations to disclose information about the issuer and its securities at the listing stage and during the entire period of the securities' stay.


A new level of development
With proper financial planning, the company gets the opportunity to increase the growth rate, while forming a transparent credit history
Diversification of funding sources
By increasing the number of sources of financing, the company can more effectively regulate its cash flows
Unsecured financing
The company has the opportunity to attract the necessary investment volumes without collateral assets
The company itself determines more convenient ways for it to attract financing: placement of shares or issue of bonds. At the same time, when issuing bonds, all conditions are also determined by the company (term, interest rate, repayment scheme and other conditions)
Due to the disclosure of information about its activities on the exchange, the company acquires a positive image and increases the credibility of its activities on the part of creditors, customers, suppliers
The possibility of expanding business ties
The presence of a listing on the stock exchange is a significant advantage of the company when searching for new partners and investors
Corporate governance
The introduction of an effective corporate governance system in the company increases the availability of capital and reduces the cost of attracting it, which, in turn, is an essential factor for ensuring the growth of the company, and therefore for creating future economic profits

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