Damu - Leasing

The program is designed to stimulate the economic activity of SMEs by applying financial leasing as a financial instrument for further implementation of leasing transactions of SMEs on preferential terms. The program is implemented at the expense of the Fund's own resources.

Total ammount The total amount of the Program's funds is 8.0 billion tenge.
Term of the leasing transaction Not more than 84 months
Loan currency Tenge
Interest rate Not more than 14% per annum
Grace period for repayment of principal  Up to 12 months
Loan amount the maximum limit of funding from the Program for one SME entity should not exceed KZT150,000,000. At the same time, due to the advance payment of SIDS, the total amount of a financial leasing contract may exceed KZT150,000,000
Advance payment not less than 20% of the value of the Lease Object
Can not participate - for the purpose of refinancing the leasing deals of the SME; 
- with the existence of tax arrears and other obligatory payments to the state budget exceeding 10 times the size of the MCI at the time of accepting the application for project financing; 
- on return leasing, begins with the fact that the owner of the property first sells it to the future lessor, and then he himself rents the same object from the buyer, that is, the same person acts both as a seller and as a lessee. As a result, only the equipment owner changes, and his user remains the same, having received additional funds at his disposal.  
- for secondary leasing, the type of leasing in which the leased asset held by the lessor in case of termination or termination of the leasing agreement is leased to another lessee in accordance with Article 2 of this Law
- on subleasing-a kind of sublease of the leased asset, in which the lessee transfers to the third parties (lessees under the contract of subleasing) for possession and use for a fee and for a term in accordance with the terms of the subleasing agreement, the property received earlier from the lessor under the leasing agreement and which is the subject of leasing.
Other conditions  established by STB / leasing companies independently
Mechanism Entrepreneur applies to STB / LC with an application for a loan

For more information about the program please check our Russian version with transation tools (or ask for assistance Russian-speaking people).

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