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From a small pharmacy to a large holding


From a small pharmacy to a large holding

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly evolving in Kazakhstan. Domestic manufacturers of drugs have great potential for development. Pharmaceutical company the "Romat" - a bright example of it.

The "Romat" enterprise from Pavlodar city turned to 24 in february. During this time the company has grown from a single pharmacy in the Semipalatinsk city into a large pharmaceutical holding. The "Romat" - the only company in the CIS, which combines all areas of pharmaceutical activity: from the development and production of pharmaceutical products to the sales of end products in pharmacies to the consumer. The company was among the first,which introduces Quality Management System according to international standard ISO 9001-2001.

A company production is presented by three large plats, which are equipped with modern production equipment of well-known manufacturers. Range of manufacture of Pavlodar’s pharmaceutical plant consist from drugs of different therapeutic groups: vitamins, antibacterial and cardiovascular drugs, antipyretics, anti-TB and anti-diabetic agents. The pharmaceutical products Plant in Semipalatinsk consist of workshop for production of infusion, galeno-filling and enzyme preparations, workshop for hematogen production. The plant produced the unique biological products: Pepto, Pancreatin and Hematogen with various additives and Pantogematogen. Health care products Plant in Semey city produces three- piece syringes with laser triangular sharpening. The company launched the manufacture of secure auto-disable disposable syringe recommended by the World Health Organization.

The growth of a company and its development would be impossible without state support: in 2010, three production project of "Romat" for the construction and reconstruction of pharmaceutical plants included in the State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development (FIID). Co-financing for the improvement of the business sector: subsidizing costs on interest rate payment were obtained within the direction "Improvement of the business sector of the "Business Road Map 2020" program.

The knowledge gained by general director of "Romat" Marat Orazgaliyev within the "Training of top management of small and medium businesses" program as well as during an internship in the USA played a significant role in development of company’s strategy for further evolution.