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A family business of Bidayshiev: how a single farm feeds the whole village


A family business of Bidayshiev: how a single farm feeds the whole village

Over the past ten years Budayshiev family has been actively developing its business. Their pleasant farm "Didar" provides residents of Kulan village in Zhambyl region with delicious and always fresh pastries, different kinds of baked goods, dairy products and other foods.

Head of the farm Bidayshieva Didar reports that their activity began in 2006 with the modeling of dumplings, and at present in addition to the semi-finished products "Didar" farm produces about thirty types of baked goods - from muffins and flat cakes to cakes and pies.

The main tradition of Budayshiev’s family is completely reflects in the business: it is not allowed to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Therefore, there are new types of products arise every year in the "Didar" farm, along with the number of employees increases by developing the business. The "Damu" Fund helps to develop new lines of business of enterprise.

In 2014, Didar Bidayshieva obtained a loan for a total amount of 28 million tenge for the construction of the freezer compartment with a capacity of 100 tons with the assistance of Zhambyl regional branch of the "Damu" Fund. More by token, she studied at the Nazarbayev University for the project "Training of top - management of small and medium-sized businesses."

A little later, in the framework of the project "Senior Experts ", implemented under the state program "Business Road Map 2020" confectioner from the Netherlands Theo van der Ham visited Didar Bidayshieva’s enterprise. During his visit expert not only gave practical advice on the management and development of business, but and has shared with the secrets of European baking.

More recently, the "Didar" farm set up its own shop in the Kulan village, where residents of the village can purchase all the products manufactured by the company. According to Didar Bidayshieva, it was obvious demand in own retail outlet, because purchasing power is falling, and in order not to lose the volume it was necessary to search for new distribution channels.

As Didar Bidayshieva admits, she will not be satisfied with what has already been achieved, and with the assistance of the "Damu" Fund any idea becomes feasible.ф