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Corporate social responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility

Fund "Damu" as the National Development Institute for the of the Republic of Kazakhstan attaches paramount importance to the social factors of sustainable development of society and considers social responsibility as one of the key principles of its activities.

Conscious of its responsibility to contribute to sustainable community development, Fund "Damu" takes into account the interests of a wide range of parties to influence the operations of the Fund – Shareholder, borrowers, clients, employees, suppliers, business associations, Governments and the general public.

 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of Damu Fund (301.36 Kb)

 Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Damu Fund, 2013 (652.34 Kb)

 Report on CSR of Fund «Damu», 2011 (549.98 Kb)

 Report on CSR of Fund «Damu»», 2010 (221.36 Kb)