Единственный акционер — АО «НУХ «Байтерек»

The Management Of The Fund

JSC «National holding «Baiterek» is the sole shareholder of JSC «DAMU» Entrepreneurship Development Fund»


Baiterek National Managing Holding was established in 2013. The main goal is to manage the stakes (participation shares) in the national development institutions, national companies and other legal entities belonging on the possession rights and transferred to trustee management. The Holding was established for purpose of optimization of management of development institutions, financial institutions and national economy development in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of May 22, 2013 #571. As of yearend 2014, the Holding united 11 subsidiary organizations within its group.

One of the key objectives of Baiterek Holding is to ensure efficient and mutually supplementing functions of the companies within the Holding’s group.


Mission of the Holding is to promote sustainable economic development of Kazakhstan through funding and support for priority sectors of economy aimed at implementation of public policy, finding solutions for socially–oriented tasks and reaching goals set by the “Strategy 2050”.


Vision of the Holding by 2023 is the Holding being the main financial agent of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan that provides diversification, modernization and sustainable development of the economy and solution of socially-oriented tasks of the state.


The Holding’s structure includes 11 subsidiary organizations:

  1. "Development Bank of Kazakhstan"JSC 
  2.  "Kazyna Capital Management" JSC
  3.  "Investment Fund of Kazakhstan" JSC
  4. "Export Insurance Company" KazakhExport " JSC 
  5.  "Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund" LLP
  6.  "Entrepreneurship Development Fund" Damu " JSC
  7.  "National Agency for Technological Development" JSC
  8.  "Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC
  9.  "Baiterek Development" JSC
  10.  "Housing Guarantee Fund" JSC
  11.  "KazakhExport" Export Insurance Company" JSC 

http://baiterek.gov.kz – official web of the Baiterek NMH JSC.