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Омбудсмен Фонда

The Ombudsman Institute in "Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund" JSC was established within the framework of initiatives, measures and actions taken by the Sole Shareholder, the Board of Directors and the Management Board of "Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund" JSC in order to:

  1. strengthening the internal control system and taking measures to prevent and resolve corporate conflicts and conflicts of interest;
  2. compliance of the Foundation's employees with the principles of business ethics;
  3. optimal regulation of social and labor disputes arising in the Fund;
  4. improving the image of the Fund.

The Ombudsman carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter, the Corporate Governance Code of "Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu" JSC and other internal documents of "Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu" JSC.

The Ombudsman reports directly to the Board of Directors and carries out his activities independently of the members of the Management Board of "Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund" JSC.

На основании решения Совета директоров АО «Фонд развития предпринимательства «Даму» от 17 июня 2019 года (протокол №06/2019), Омбудсменом АО «Фонд развития предпринимательства «Даму» назначен Арыстанбеков Равиль Ильзатович.

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Выписка 06-2019. Омбудсмен
Положение об Омбудсмене АО «Фонд развития предпринимательства «Даму»